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I am a counsellor experienced in treating mental health disorders.

Qualifications include,

* Advanced Counsellor & Psychotherapist Level 4 Diploma

* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma (Dis)

* Grief and Bereavement Counselling Diploma (Dis)

* Addiction Therapy Diploma (Dis)

* Emotional Intelligence Diploma (Dis)

* Inner Child Healing Diploma (Dis)

* Anger & Aggression Management Practitioner Diploma (Dis)

Inner-Child Healing is an enormous part of my work as is goal-setting and practicing mindfulness such as journaling.

I am happily married to my wife Clair. We have three beautiful but cheeky children. As a family we love animals, camping and being together without any devises . . . well, Clair and I do anyway. I have run multiple marathons including London and Berlin having finishing playing rugby. I love food, fitness, good nutrition, practising mindfulness and helping others to experience a healthy, happy and successful life (in that order!)

Website: Solving Minds - Helping you back to mental fitness

Landline: +44 (0) 1903 214 383

Mobile/Cell Phone: +44 (0) 7930 575 332

Jerry Ramsden ACCPH