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We are a dedicated group of mental health practitioners, researchers and educators who trained as integrative counsellors and psychotherapists.  We started ICPN because want to create a “professional home” for fellow UK-based integrative therapists to connect, inspire and share.  


Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. 

 - C.G. Jung

Our Mission

The primary purpose of ICPN is to: disseminate and share knowledge on the theory and practice of integrative psychotherapy to UK-based mental health professionals and trainees; and provide local professional networking opportunities with like-minded colleagues, face to face and via social media platforms;

Our Mission

Our Vision

To promote greater understanding and growth of integrative psychotherapy as a personal and professional activity.


Integrative Counselling and 

Psychotherapy Network: a London and UK therapy practice and platform 


ICPN London: 07729191182

ICPN UK: 07850 524191

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